Heal Your Gut Testimonials

This class offers REAL solutions

I just wanted to say that this is the best class I have ever taken!!   The price of this class is a bargain given the amount of information that you offer.  The facebook page is a wonderful idea where members can exchange information and ask questions.  I love the fact that one can go at their own pace and not feel pressured to keep up.

I have mentioned this class to so many people!  From where I stand, unless you are a medical professional and are familiar with digestive issues, this is by far the best place to learn everything you didn’t know about your gut.  This class offers REAL solutions to help heal your body and that to me is priceless!

I must say putting all the lessons on one page is a tremendous time saver and makes it just that much easier to refer to in the future!  Thank you!

As far as implementing, I started making beet kvass and love it.  I am going to start fermenting garlic and onions when they are ready from my garden (fingers crossed).  I also intend to ferment as many vegetables that I can this summer.  I will attempt to try everything you have mentioned if it means living a healthier life.  We have only one body and most of us abuse it (unknowingly sometimes) until it starts to “talk back” or not respond like it used to!

Thank you so very much for offering this class!!  I just can’t believe how much I have learned!

~ Maura

I was skeptical at first… I was wrong!!!

I would say that this course is an amazing crash course in digestion, especially for people who really have no clue about how digestion works.  There is a wealth of material & links to more information that is all presented in an easy to read/understand format.  I have especially appreciated the combination of transcript & audio as it keeps me more engaged in the material.  I can listen & read along with a handy spot to take notes at the same time.  So far I’ve been mainly implementing the first few lesson pieces of chewing food more thoroughly,  HCL, & bowl transit time.  I am also tweaking our diets & becoming more aware of sensitivity issues in my family.  I’d definitely recommend the course to someone who is really interested in understanding their bodies & is ready to get some tips on how to heal. It has been a great course with lots of eye opening information.

This has been by far one of the best courses I have taken. The information presented throughout the HEAL YOUR GUT course is invaluable. I was skeptical at first. My first thought was ‘this is going to be another class filled with fluff, scattered material with no real use, and without clear implementation of the information given.’ I was wrong!!! There is concise information within each lesson. The Facebook group created for this course was (surprisingly) an additional source of information. It provided clarification of material or added pertinent information. The transcripts were fantastic for certain portions of course.  Thank you again for all your time and effort.

~ Christine

I have started fermenting and I love the water kefir.

I want to thank you for this course. For me it was worth the money from lesson one when you said: don’t eat when you’re stressed. As it turned out, what gave me stress was eating food… As I usually felt really bad after eating or if I didn’t eat regularly because of blood sugar issues. Not knowing what’s going on wasn’t helping. So to start having more knowledge and eating in a more relaxed manner was very helpful indeed. I did a hair test for allergies which is not very thorough but enough to tell me to stop the gluten. In 3 days my anxiety and nausea were gone. I have started fermenting ( I come from Israel so pickles are still in the culture. My mom used to make yummy pickled carrots) and I love the water kefir.

I am still going to try the hcl acid test and wondering about the elimination diet, waiting for some books on gaps and paleo.
I am sure that this is a long process. However, after reading an interesting book called ‘The Second Brain’ I realised that western doctors knowledge about the gut is in its very beginning, so getting all this information from you about things that make sense and feel good is a huge relief and a great help. I will surely recommend this course to others. Many thanks

~ Tami

I FINALLY feel like I have hope for healing

I am so thankful that I found your website and this ecourse at just the right time. Over the past 7 years I have struggled with my digestion and overall health. I have seen over 10 doctors/specialists and have had too-many-to-count procedures/surgeries/lab work/urgent care and ER visits. Everything I have done thus far has just been a band-aid until I found your course.

I FINALLY feel like I have hope for healing my gut. I really appreciate your approach to the basics of digestion; something none of the doctors referred to! I also appreciate access to you and the FB group at anytime and now that you have a page with all the info in one spot, it’s even better!  Being able to go through the course at your own pace is key and I don’t feel pressure to “keep up” with everyone. Again, thank you so much and I would definitely recommend this course to others!

~ Kristy

The value of this course is IMMENSE

I cannot tell you how beneficial the course has been. I really feel I am on the right track to fine tuning my digestion and hopefully better managing outbreaks of candida and sugar cravings. Things have already improved just with the HCL and I’m hoping will just continue to improve with more fermented foods.  For “information lovers” like me, the value of this course is IMMENSE. Seriously, I personally think you could charge $300 and it would still be a bargain.  THANK YOU! This has been amazing.

~ Alison

I understand now WHY I need to chew my food

I took the course during an unexpectedly busy time in my life and consequently I’m still working my way through lesson 4. However, I feel like I’ve already gotten my money’s worth. I’ve heard many times about chewing and relaxing, but it wasn’t until this course that it really clicked. I understand now WHY I need to chew my food and relax when I eat, and I’m actually doing it!  I’m thrilled to finally know what a healthy poop looks and smells like!

The course is good for people at any stage in the gut health game. You give enough suggestions and “next steps” that at least one of them fits where each individual is at.

I appreciate the written notes/transcript to accompany the audio files – reading along really suits my learning style.

The FB group is fantastic – I can’t believe how many questions you are/were able to address! And it’s nice to “meet” people trying to heal their guts, too.

~ Larissa

You give extra information that I did not expect

Your classes have been wonderful.  They are full of in depth details and practical ways on how to use the information that you have given us.  You also have given us extra information that I did not even expect.  You have a nice style.  You answer our questions in a nice way.  It is so wonderful to know that someone is at the other end to answer questions.  This course has been so helpful to understand how to deal with digestion.     Thank-you so much for doing this class.  Many thumbs up for you Lydia.

~ Melinda

I am already feeling a difference

This Heal Your Gut class was possibly the best money I have ever spent. Lydia’s class was packed with information that would have taken months to find and put together. I searched for probiotics- none of them worked, until Lydia directed me to two types at once, and I am already feeling a difference. I’ve passed her class information onto my traditional GI MD, in hopes that others can start having the peace of mind too, that we can indeed heal our guts!

~ Diana

I highly recommend this course for anyone who has “bathroom issues”

I wasn’t going to take the course initially even though the subject interested me because I felt I really didn’t have the time to invest in another e-course. I changed my mind after spending a miserable day bloated and nauseous from not having had a bowel movement in two and a half weeks. I have not regretted taking the course since that day.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who has “bathroom issues”. I personally have struggled all my life with constipation. I tried everything with no lasting success. I had no idea that I had low stomach acid plus being deficient in essential minerals. Everything is clicking on why every solution I tried wouldn’t last past a few weeks.

I am behind in the classes, but I am so thankful you are allowing permanent access to the lessons after the course is ‘over’. Thank you so much for teaching this course! You have given me the keys to heal not only my gut, but my health as well. Bless you!

~ Marcella

Now, I feel like I have one plan I can follow for my entire family

Finally, I have found someone who can make sense of everything I’ve studied regarding food and health in the last two years. With the myriad of problems my family has: eczema, irritable bowel, ADHD, and possible inherited Celiac and Pyroluria, I became paralyzed with simply not knowing what to try next. Everything I have tried has not been a long term answer, and I realize my family’s health and energy continue to degrade despite what I’ve studied. Now, I feel like I have one plan I can follow for my entire family which is a big deal when there are six of us and two are adopted. Lydia Shatney is extremely knowledgeable but, more importantly, wise in her advice to approach healing with patience and time. She has restored our hope.


I enjoy your casual style of teaching and group on Facebook

I drug my feet for signing up for your class, Heal Your Gut because I didn’t want to buy a class and not have the time to follow thru. I’m so glad that I followed my “gut” and bought it. I thought I knew a lot about the gut and healing but you have given me a fresh perspective and some valuable information. I enjoy your casual style of teaching and your interaction with the group on Facebook. You are very personable and helpful! I will be recommending your class to my friends and family. With gratitude

~ Nancy

The course of my life has changed. Really!!!

The Heal Your Gut Course with the Facebook group was a tremendous class and has been a huge blessing. ( I worked with Gastroenterologists who were heads of their dept. in teaching hospitals about 6 years ago to no effect except a steady gut of money and patience.  I thought I had healed as much as I could.)  Finally grasped the concept we can do it ourselves and I am enlivened.  The class opened my eyes to a whole new level of depth in the topic of gut health and I am inspired to go on!  Very impressed with the organization, accessibility and again the amount of info and follow-through that went into the course.
My main issue is to get off Nexium which will take some time, but I have learned so many other things, including how to heal a UTI infection without antibiotics.  YIPEE!!! (I think an excessive amount of UTIs and antibiotics in my 20s, at least partially,  contributed to this health situation.
The supplements suggested for  supplementation and testing are very helpful.
I had learned much with integrative doctors and a nutritionist when I first was dx with ms r/r  but and witnessed huge amounts of healing but then I had given up these last three years as my money ran out and I was dealing with multiple chemical sensitivities/allergies and gut issues.  Could not have asked for a better class.

I really appreciated the joint efforts you did for fermentation and yoghurt and you could not have been more supportive and helpful.

Searching for something critical to say, and it isn’t coming.  Delighted that you are leaving the FB group open.  That feels very important.  I have always eaten healthy, but this takes it to a whole new level. I am finally focused and where I need to be!  Very excited and impassioned.  Thank you eternally Lydia.  The course of my life has changed.  Really!!!!  Sincerely,

~ Andrea


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