Revitalize Your Health Includes:

  • 12 core  modules

  • practical, actionable steps to take in each lesson

  • over 30 lessons in all

  • sample menu plans

  • a FREE eBook with over 80 gluten free recipes

  • private Facebook group to ask your questions and share your thoughts/concerns.

  • Resources

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There is no rush to finish all the lessons as you will receive unlimited access to all the materials.

Course Material Includes:

Module 1

insulin-resistance Blood Sugar 101– This lesson covers what blood sugar is and how it works, causes of insulin overload, insulin resistance, health issues related to blood sugar imbalances. As well as, how to manage blood sugar with some basic dietary guidelines. A Revitalizing Dietary Game Plan– This is a series of  mini lessons that cover a further introduction to the ‘why’ of the dietary game plan, as well as breaks down several aspects of a healthy diet. Covers a lesson about fermented foods, why you need them, how to make them along with numerous recipes. Includes a dietary plan for optimal blood sugar management, menu plans & a download of an eBook that includes over 80 gluten-free, lower carb dinner recipes paired with sides. Along with final step by step recommendations to implement the dietary game plan. The Importance of Water and how to choose quality filters. As well as how to eat when you are traveling or away from home so not to sabotage your health. Good Fats/Bad Fats – Cholesterol Explained.

Module 2

Sweet dreams Sleep – This lesson covers how our body’s circadian rhythms work, how to create the ideal environment for hormone balancing sleep, natural sleep aids and how managing blood sugar affects your endocrine glands and adrenals, and why this is may impact your sleep. Exercise – This lesson includes the overall benefits of exercise, the hormonal benefits of exercise, why less is more, how to exercise, my exercise philosophy, a fitness plan, plus additional recommended resources and videos.

Module 3

Liver Support -This lesson covers the role of the liver, how to support basic liver detox and flush your liver, plus a game plan to support the liver. We’ll cover the importance of non-toxic personal care products, plus recipes for homemade personal care products along with recommendations for the best store bought options.

Module 4

How to lose weight safely and effectively – This lesson helps one to focus on how to get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy, how counting calories causes hormonal chaos, the causes of insulin overload and my ideas on the psychology of eating, along with basics on physical addiction or dependence to food as a substance.Hidden Weight Gain Factors: Food Sensitivities-  This lesson includes information about hidden food sensitivites, how to detect them and your body’s response to them, eliminating foods in order of importance and steps to get started.Hidden Weight Gain Factors- Part 2: Medication ‘Bloat’, Alcohol, Caffeine/Aspartame/Tobacco, Not Eating Enough Fat or Eating ‘Bad Fats’, Excess Toxins In Your Water Supply, Frequent Dieting/Inconsistent Dieting, Poor Gut Flora.

Module 5

Hormone Imbalances – This lesson covers leptin, insulin, cortisol, estrogen -how they work and dysfunction. Hypothyroidism and it’s symptoms. How all are related to weight. And a word on Hormone Replacement Therapy.Stress and Weight Gain – This lessons covers chronic stress, cortisol, how stress leads to weight gain, the three stages of adrenal fatigue and steps to take. How To Manage/Resolve Issues with PMS.

Module 6

How to Support Your Adrenals -This lesson covers an overall approach to support the health of your adrenal glands.Includes recommended testing.

Module 7

994806_10151828810277310_1811235341_n Basic Testing for Overall Health -This lesson covers basic testing options one should consider getting done to determine further the overall status of their health.Plus, sources for obtaining tests on your own.

Module 8

iStock_000012007269Small Cardiovascular Health – The Key to Your Heart.Vitamin D testing and dosages.The Role of Magnesium in Heart Health.

Module 9



Cleaning Up Your Home Environment –Removing Toxins

Purifying Your Indoor Air

Household Cleaners

Protect Yourself From EMGs

Module 10

IMG_1342 Healthy Kids: How To Keep Your Kids Healthy -Basic Health for Kids. The Importance of Sleep and Bedtime Routines.Detecting Food Sensitivities Early.

Kid Friendly Recipes.

Module 11

iStock_000012861539Small Other Healthful Healing Practices –Oil Pulling, Dry Skin Brushing, Sauna Therapy,Meditation, Earthing, Grounding,

Deep Breathing, Counseling & Therapy!

Module 12

Funny mom and daughter

Taking Time For Yourself: The Importance of Down Time & Fun!




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