Re-energize & de-stress, defeat cravings, flush toxins, ditch inches and do it all with zero deprivation


Do you want to take charge of your health, but don’t know where to start?

Do you find it hard to keep the weight off and avoid those cravings?

Do you often feel run down with a lack of overall vitality?


We all do! Especially if our body’s health is unbalanced due to things like:

  •     Skipping Meals
  •     Not eating a clean, nutrient-dense diet
  •     Not Sleeping Enough
  •     Drinking unfiltered water
  •     Not having enough down time
  •     Overworking or over-exercising
  •     Depending on caffeine for ‘energy’


Revitalize Your Health‘ will help you get yourself going on the right track. You will learn how to control those unhealthy cravings and boost your energy. In the process you will find you easily shed pounds as your body detoxes.

Even better, there is NO:

•    calorie counting
•    food deprivation
•    crazy fads
•    unrealistic diets
•    excessive work outs

In fact you may eat even more food and still be able to lose weight.  Learn how to manage your life in such a way to keep your body in balance all year long!


How This Course Will Benefit You

The beauty of this online course is that I will teach you everything you need to know to defeat your cravings, find the hidden ways weight gain may be affecting you, answer your specific questions on how to implement the plan for your unique situation and more.

I’ll give you lots of tools, tips and information to set you up for success. The entire duration of the course you have access to me to ask questions and get help. That’s like having a private nutritional counselor for next to nothing.

You won’t be stuck with just some diet plan that may not work specifically for you because I will teach you how to customize everything to suit your own needs.

In the end, you will have gained the knowledge you need to maintain a daily regime to support your goals of weight loss, energy and squelching cravings. You’ll have resources to go to, menus and recipes to pull from, awesome lifesaving tips and techniques to help you stay focused on your path to wellness.

I will teach you how to enjoy good health day in and day out. The benefit of remaining healthy is that every area of your life is impacted for good. Your family life, your work life, your hobbies and beyond.

Do you experience any of these health issues?

  • lack of energy/fatigue
  • depression/mood swings
  • sleep disturbances, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleepadrenal-fatigue
  • weight gain
  • cravings/overeating
  • heart issues such as;  MI, stroke, cardiovascular disease, high triglycerides, hypertension, atherosclerosis
  • need for stimulants which deplete nutrients
  • adrenal fatigue, followed by thyroid issues and other endocrine issues
  • hormone imbalances
  • yeast overgrowth
  • mineral deficiencies (such as magnesium)
  • irritability prior to meals, shaky/edgy if meals are delayed
  • vision impairment
  • mental clarity/function
  • a plethora of gastrointestinal disorders
  • cancer
  • diabetes

If so, this course is exactly what you need to learn the skills and obtain the tools to tackle these issues head on.

Revitalize Your Health is an innovative online course empowering you with knowledge on how to eat to get your blood sugar stable, how to know if your blood sugar is an issue for you or not, how to curb sugar and carbohydrate cravings, how to eat to gently detox your liver, how to eat for basic weight loss, why sleep is critical to all of the above, and how exercise plays a role and just how much you need to support your health goals. Through real answers, powerful information, practical steps and “survival” tools, you will learn it is possible to relieve ailments related to blood sugar imbalance, get healthy and start to lose weight.

What ‘Revitalize Your Health’ Covers:

  •  Blood Sugar 101 – How it works, how it dysfunctions and how to manage your diet to keep it regulated. Plus a precursory dietary game plan to get things rolling.
  • A dietary game plan for cleaning up your diet to manage blood sugar and support overall detoxification of the body. Specific Dietary guidelines, ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. How to count carbs, tips tricks and more.
  • How to support your liver and keep it clean! We will discuss simple ways to detoxify the liver, along with diet, supplements, herbs and more! Learn how to give your liver a vacation!
  • Why sleep is a big part of your health picture. How not getting enough can hinder weight loss and how to get your sleep on the right track. Also, learn how managing blood sugar affects your endocrine glands and adrenals, and why this is may impact your sleep.
  • How to lose weight safely and effectively. Learn to live by the mindset of ‘Get healthy to lose weight’ not ‘Lose weight to get healthy’. We will discuss a healthy way to look at your weight loss goals and keep you from jumping on the scale every day. Along with the psychological issues that may come with healthy eating and weight loss.
  • The role of exercise in detoxifying the body. How to’s, suggestions and why less is definitely more.
  • Hidden Weight Gain Factors  
  • Hormone Imbalances & How To Support Your Adrenals
  • Hidden Food Sensitivities – Are they sabotaging your weight loss?
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Basic Testing for Overall Health (What Test Should You Get & Why)
  • Cleaning Up Your Home Environment
  • How To Keep Your Kids Healthy
  • Other Healthful Healing Practices

What to Expect

  • The course is available year round. Learn at your own pace, unlimited access
  • 12 Modules
  • More than 30 overall lessons
  • thorough Resources Page, includes where to buy the best quality foods, supplements and more!
  • Private Facebook group forum – monitored by Lydia, a certified nutritional therapist
  • Includes a FREE copy of ; ‘Divine Dinners: Gluten-Free, Nourishing, Family-Friendly Meals‘.  PLUS – 2 weeks of  blood sugar/weight loss friendly meal plans.



The course cemented what I had already learned about nutrition. For me, it helped me concentrate on the “why’s” of ate what I did, and when I did. That was, I guess, my breakthrough moment. Now I’m concentrating on eating well, feeling mentally stronger and healing. A few pounds of weight loss, but that’s come as a lovely by-product of feeling wonderful again !! Thank you Lydia ~ Lisa


Progress is a little slow but I didn’t get to this point in life overnight! I’ve lost some weight (I don’t use a scale) and was able to fit into last summer’s clothing. Am currently doing the elimination diet and am FINALLY seeing my skin clear up after trying EVERY product/method out there for blackheads. Slowing down and listening to my body for the first time in my life is challenging for me but I am listening and am amazed that our bodies do “talk” to us! This was the biggest eye opener for me. So thank you for opening my eyes (and my stubborn brain) to get healthy and changing my perception of what true health is! ~ Maura


I just have to tell you that I have dropped 10 lbs. since taking your course! I’m so excited! While my GAPS diet may not be spot on, I am not eating the processed junk and am really enjoying food and how good it tastes. I don’t eat the processed sweets or any grains anymore but I do frequently have gelatin/fruit treats and coconut flour based goodies. And still, I am losing weight bit by bit! My biggest health success story is that my seasonal allergies are eliminated. Hooray! ~ Amy


So, what does all of this cost?

Are you ready for this sweet deal? You can go through all of this awesome material with my support for a mere $169! OR, you can choose a monthly payment – $20 per month.

Just one visit to a health practitioner alone can run close to the cost of this course and often times much more! I truly believe that this is an amazing offer that you will not regret.

Invest in yourself today and start your own journey to a transformed healthier life!


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